Discover Your NEW Skincare Routine

Discover Your NEW Skincare Routine

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Explore Our Bath & Body Collection

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I LOVE THIS STUFF. It really works. My eyelashes didn’t take long to start being longer and a little fuller. I am going to be sure I keep using this faithfully. It was easy to apply-I used the brush and it did not cause any irritation or anything to my eyes. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting longer thicker eyelashes. I did not use this on my eyebrows.
I love love love this eye gel. I use it twice a day. I keep it in the fridge and it feels even better. I've noticed that my eyes look less tired and brighter. Plus you get a lot of product in this amazing jar.
I love this moisturizer. I've already ordered about 6 of them and will continue to use it.
I have been through so many products claiming that it would help my eye condition, but none of them helped at all, from the drugstore brands to the higher department store brands. I got the Baebody Eye Gel for my dark circles and puffy eyes the other day and thought, okay, I'll give it a week. It has only been 3 days and I am seeing a drastic transformation! My dark circles are lighter and the puffiness is down to almost gone! I love this stuff! I am going to order more soon because I want to continue with the treatment from here on out!
I love this Vitamin C Serum! This is my first purchase and I am using it a few times a week at night. My skin seems brighter and definitely more toned. I use a few drops on a cotton pad and put it on my face and neck after it dries I put a moisturizer on. I have to wait a little longer to see the long term effects but for right now I'm quite happy with it. I love the products from this company as well I have a couple other products and they are high quality but a good price.
Absolutely love this mask! I have very large pores, and I've been looking for a reasonably priced mask to cleanse and shrink them. I've tried many other products with little success, and honestly, gave up after awhile. Because I'm so desperate for improvement, I decided to try this. However, I don't like spending ridiculous amounts of money on products, so I chose this because it is priced so well. I immediately used it when it arrived and was shocked by the results! Pores are already cleaner and smaller after just my first use! Will definitely continue to use! Thanks BAEBODY for such a great product!!